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Green Line

Brother, Brother

Brother, Brother: A brother's search for his missing brother
by Dan Duffy
print and audiobooks available at Amazon

2017 New Apple Medalist Winner:
Biography / Autobiography / Memoir

A brother drives cross-country with the spirit of his older brother to unravel the impact of the older brother’s forty-five year disappearance.

A Mother's Heart

Paradise Bound
by Rafaele Desire
available at Amazon

A young French doctor is torn between three men after a vacation to Southern California makes her reconsider her life choices.

Surviving Cancer - Our Voices & Choices by Marion Behr

Surviving Cancer: Our Voices & Choices
A Collaboration Compiled and Illustrated by Marion Behr
available at Amazon and Barnes & Noble

"Anyone who hears the dreaded, 'You have cancer', needs to read this. Professionals, survivors, caregivers, doctors... sharing their stories and offering information and hope."
- Pat Buzby (Goodreads)

Natural Disasters A Love Story"Like so many authors, I didn’t know what to expect after self-publishing my debut novel, Natural Disasters, A Love Story. The sudden promotional maelstrom nearly sucked me under. But during my search to gain exposure via quality marketing, I discovered New Apple Literary Services. Their generous attitude toward indie authors impressed me immediately. As did their book awards process, particularly their thorough list of categories. Before finding New Apple, I was forced by book services like Amazon, Goodreads and others to list my book in either the romance or contemporary fiction genres. Neither of these matched my book entirely for the story actually melds three different categories. But because of New Apple's foresight In establishing a Cross-Genre category, my book is now appropriately classified and my marketing efforts aimed at a more specific population. Plus, Natural Disasters, A Love Story was chosen as a 2017 New Apple E-Book Official Selection in the Cross-Genre category, which has already increased my promotional traction. Now my hope is for other book services to expand their horizons by including Cross-Genre among their categories. Moving into the forefront of literary awards, New Apple provides a legitimate and trustworthy service to indie-published authors. As an added bonus, the staff (Becca Michaels, you’re the best!) follows through on promises and is extremely responsive and helpful. New Apple Literary Services is truly in touch with independent authors and I’m proud to be a part of this community." - G.F. Cantrell, author of "Natural Disasters: A Love Story", Official Selection of "Cross Genre" 2017 Summer E-Book Awards

A Secondhand Life"My book A Secondhand Life won last year's New Apple Award (first place in Psychological Suspense). Sure, it was pretty awesome news to win a literary award, but I wasn't prepared for the momentum it would build for not only that book, but my entire backlist. After winning, I saw a nice little sales jump. Yay, I thought to myself. Literary awards do help with exposure! Then I went on to release my next book, The Art of Fear. Advertising my credentials as an official award-winning author, something happened. Something unprecedented for me, this humble wannabe author from a small town in North Carolina... 
My new release went insane. I jumped to the top of the Amazon charts, hitting #1 in at least three categories, then sticking in the top 3,000 in the whole Amazon store for months. Yep, months. After publishing since 2013, I'd never had this kind of success. I credit a lot of this momentum to this award. My book stood out in a competition and won. It means something to an author; it means something to potential readers. And it pushed me from a hobbying writer to a mother who could provide for four kids with her book sales.
So there's a testimony for you. A testimony of a dream that became a reality--a reality that could put food on the table, pay the mortgage, and give me freedom to do what I love. Thank you, New Apple Literary Awards, for giving that dream life and breath." - Pamela Crane, author of "A Secondhand Life", Medalist Winner of "Psychological Suspense" 2016 Summer E-Book Awards

The Improbable Wonders of Moojie Littleman"Literary awards have opened doors to reviewers, retailers, agents, speaking opportunities, foreign publishers,  and film opportunities. They are a bonus to marketing and promotion. What a thrill it was to win New Apple’s recognition. Their Twitter, Facebook, and web support have been sensational. I am so grateful." - Robin Gregory, author of "The Improbable Wonders of Moojie Littleman", BEST NEW FICTION Winner 2016 Annual Book Awards

Engaging College Students"I'm happy to report that my debut book (Engaging College Students) has won 3 book awards to date, including the 2016 New Apple book award (Education), 2017 International Book Awards (Education/Academic) and 2017 Readers' Favorite (Bronze medal in Nonfiction Education).  I'm so glad I entered these awards as it has given credibility to my work and also helped spread the word to new readers." - Mike Kowis, Esq., author of "Engaging College Students: A Fun and Edgy Guide for Professors", Medalist Winner of "Education" 2015 Annual Book Awards

The Fat Man Gets Out of Bed"I first heard about New Apple online, Twitter in fact. It was back in the spring of 2015 and my memoir, ‘There Is A Reaper’, the story of the life and untimely death of my son Christopher Aaron, had just been released in eBook form. Christopher’s story had been out in paperback for a few months but the new version was meant for a wider audience. An author friend suggested that we enter it into a few writing competitions. “Try New Apple, they run a great contest. It’s pretty competitive so don’t expect to win first prize,” she cautioned. “In any case the exposure will be great for the book, and who knows?” We took her advice and without too much expectation we entered Chris’s story into the contest. Months went by, and I got busy with many things. Spring melted into summer and autumn followed as it always does. By this time I’d almost forgotten about the contest, not daring to hope that we would even be recognized. The email letting us know that we’d won Category Medalist was a complete surprise. The impact of winning the New Apple award was terrific. We received hundreds of well wishes and congratulations, from all over the web and the world. The tweets and press releases were great exposure for ‘Reaper’ and it was extremely gratifying to see how widely the announcements were read and how much that Medalist Badge helped bring Chris’s story to the world. It was with great pleasure that I submitted my second book, ‘The Fat Man Gets Out of Bed: Collected Shorter Stories’ to the New Apple Summer Indie Awards. We were again so fortunate to be selected the 2017 Solo Medalist in the Short Story category! After winning the New Apple medal, ‘The Fat Man’ collection of short stories received an immediate boost of both sales and reviews. I can wholeheartedly recommend the competition and the whole New Apple team for their consummate professionalism and for the well run operation they have built. Bravo!" - Michael Lynes, author of "The Fat Man Gets Out of Bed", Medalist Winner of "Short Story Fiction " 2017 Summer E-Book Awards and "There is a Reaper: Losing a Child to Cancer", Medalist Winner of "Memoir" 2015 Annual Book Awards

Birthing Your Book"One of the many things I appreciate about New Apple is how you continue to promote award-winning titles, even after the buzz of the initial announcement has faded. With other of the indie awards I have won for my books, a marketing blast follows the announcement of the winners, and then…nothing. With my two New Apple winners, Sara’s Year and Birthing Your Book…Even If You Don’t Know What It’s About, that’s when New Apple's real marketing began on my behalf. And it was free! I’m so grateful to New Apple for their genuine commitment to indie authors and publishing. " - Mark David Gerson, author of "Sara's Year", Medalist Winner of "General Fiction" 2015 Annual Book Awards and "Birthing Your Book...", Medalist Winner of "Writing and Publishing" 2016 Summer E-Book Awards

The Gallery of Wonders"I am very excited to see my debut novel, the first book in the Magora series, win the children’s general fiction category of the New Apple Awards. Having worked on this series for over twenty years, it assures me that I have been on the right path all those years. Together with nine other awards the book has received so far, and having been No. 1 in the children’s category on Amazon, the New Apple Award gives the book more recognition and exposure." - Marc Remus, author of "The Gallery of Wonders, Book 1 Magora Series", Medalist Winner of "Children's General Fiction" 2016 Annual Book Awards

Hysterical Love"But whatever route an author takes – hybrid publishing, traditional, self, small press – the goal is always good books. As an avid reader I will never tire of good books; as a writer, I will always do my best to create them. As both, I appreciate organizations like New Apple Literary for shining a light on good indie writers so enthusiastic readers can find them!" - Lorraine Devon Wilke, author of "Hysterical Love", Medalist Winner of "General Fiction" 2017 Summer E-Book Awards

The Dragons of Alsace Farm"Several other authors I admired had entered New Apple Book Awards as a way to gauge their book's quality, and to get some credentials behind their work, and though "Dragons" was getting great reviews, sales were sluggish. I was thrilled to be selected a New Apple Solo Medallion Winner for Inspirational Fiction. This award gave me a worthy credential and gave "Dragons" some clout in the marketplace. We changed the cover in response to market feedback, and the book has gone on to win other awards, but passing New Apple's high bar gave me the courage, and the confidence I needed to press on. Thank you, New Apple Book Awards!" - Laurie (L.C.) Lewis, author of "The Dragons of Alsace Farm", Medalist Winner of "Inspirational" 2016 Annual Book Awards

Priceless Penny"The purpose of the story is to shed light on the importance of adopting differently-abled animals.  These animals are still able to accomplish amazing things and live incredible lives.  I am so honored that Priceless Penny was selected as an Official Selection in the Children's Picture Books category in 2016. Thank you for this wonderful opportunity!" - Lauren Kramer-Theuerkauf, author of "Priceless Penny", Official Selection of "Children's" 2016 Annual Book Awards

Heartsong"I was introduced to self-publishing by members of my writing circle. E-books and paperbacks published independently have provided me an alternative way, as a new author, to get my writing out and on the market. Friends and fellow writers have described my poetry and reflections as colourful, evocative, sometimes mystical that would make a beautiful and uplifting book to keep and dip into. This provided the encouragement I needed to self-publish. Winning solo medallist in the poetry category has really spurred me on to compiling my second collection." - Iona Jenkins, author of "Heartsong: A Collection of Reflections and Poetry", Medalist Winner of "Poetry" 2017 Summer E-Book Awards

The Reviled"New Apple Literary Services had faith in the story when it was newly released and helped to spread the word through a yearlong campaign through social media and its own website. Receiving such a notable award so early in its life gave Dark Fey credibility and was crucial to its ongoing success." - Cynthia A. Morgan, author of "The Reviled: Dark Fey, Book 1", Official Selection of "Fantasy" 2016 Summer E-Book Awards

It Feels Good to Feel Good"I am very happy that I self published my book.  I am proud of the awards that I have won like the New Apple Summer Ebook Award as the sole winner in Health and Wellness.  I want to help others and the awards give me credibility.  I have been doing speaking engagements, and recently I have done 5 radio shows.  I do have a second book that I am working on as a hands on guide of how do I live a relatively toxin free life." - Cheryl Meyer, author of "It Feels Good to Feel Good: Learn to Eliminate Toxins, Reverse Inflammation and Feel Great Again", Medalist Winner of "Health / Medicine" 2017 Summer E-Book Awards

The 11.05 Murders"I can say, however, that the fact I can claim to have award winning books (from New Apple and other sources) has given me great confidence in promoting my books. Four of them have received New Apple awards and I will be seeking a fifth when my new book, The Coven Murders, is published late this year(2017). My publisher has incorporated the New Apple logo on to the front covers of my books (see attached photograph). It is always a pleasure to see my books on Amazon and elsewhere with these logos on the front of them. and that, in turn, must surely be a great encouragement for readers to buy. Also, the New Apple newspaper articles about my books and the various other free promotional gambits must all have had an influence on sales.  I have had very positive experiences with New Apple and will continue to seek them." - Brian O'Hare, author of "The 11:05 Murders", Medalist Winner of "Mystery" 2016 Summer E-Book Awards and "Fallen Men: A Story of Three Priests", Medalist Winner of "General Fiction" 2015 Summer E-Book Awards

Confessions From the Pumpkin Patch"I was both shocked and appealed to learn that I was a medalist in the 2016 New Apple Awards. I submitted my first novel with little expectation that I would win, but this win gave me the confidence I needed to keep writing. It was affirming that my writing is not just a whim and a wish, but validation that I have legitimate talent. I am so proud to call myself a winner of a New Apple Award for general fiction. Thank you, New Apple, for giving me the confidence I needed to keep writing." - Karlyle Tomms, author of "Confessions from the Pumpkin Patch", Medalist Winner of "Coming of Age " 2016 Summer E-Book Awards

Quiver"I am blessed to be the winner of the New Apple Award two years in a row for A Rose For Jonathan and Quiver. Both books have been well received due to the exposure from winning awards such as these and I am grateful for the opportunities they have opened for me. I have been able to appear on radio and on TV and have had increases in sales as well as offered more speaking engagements. I highly recommend book award contests and the New Apple Award for Excellence in Independent publishing is a great place to start. The benefits of online exposure from the tweets as well as the added credentials to your book will be useful in your marketing campaign. Thank you for the chance to speak about my experience with your award contest." - Beth Green, author of "A Rose for Jonathan", Medalist Winner of "Religion / Spirituality" 2015 Summer E-Book Awards and "Quiver", Medalist Winner of "Religion / Spirituality" 2016 New Apple Annual Book Awards

Poor Advice and Other Stories"New Apple has been extremely supportive of my book, Poor Advice and Other Stories. What is more important to me has been the professionalism and support of New Apple. It's tops, as far as I'm concerned."  - Lou Gaglia, author of "Poor Advice and Other Stories", Medalist Winner of "Short Story Fiction" 2015 Summer E-Book Awards

Second Chances"I have found the various services offered by New Apple to be easy to use and run by a friendly and courteous staff that will go out of their way to make working with them a positive experience. I recommend New Apple highly!" - Lincoln Cole, author of "Second Chances", Medalist Winner of "Cross Genre" 2015 Summer E-Book Awards

First Born"I was delighted to win a New Apple Book Award.  The experience has been terrific.  My Twitter following doubled, and I believe it helped my exposure on Goodreads." - Janelle Gabay, author of "First Born", Medalist Winner of "Action / Adventure" 2015 New Apple Annual Book Awards

Dream Accomplished"The New Apple Award was the first I'd ever entered and to win was such a boost to my moral :) Yes, it has helped me as it's given credibility to my book, author status, website, goodreads and amazon pages." - Elizabeth Gross, author of "Dream Accomplished: A Story of Cancer, A Mother's Love & Taylor Swift, Medalist Winner of "General Nonfiction" 2015 Summer E-Book Awards

Amina The Silent One"Every award is an achievement, for one never really knows, if the book one has written will click with the judges who evaluate whether it is worthy of an award, comparing the book against books written in the same genre. If one wins  the author earns the recognition of his peers and an additional marketing tool for his book. That my book met your high standards has emboldened me to continue writing and highlighting the social evils in our society. Added to that your round the year tweets, keep our achievement before prospective readers. A win win situation." - Fiza Pathan, author of "Amina: The Silent One", Medalist Winner of "E-Book General Fiction" 2015 New Apple Annual Book Awards

Sara's Year"What set New Apple apart for me was the ongoing promotion of my book and its New Apple win. New Apple has been different, with its ongoing promotion of winning titles." - Mark David Gerson, author of "Sara's Year", Medalist Winner of "General Fiction" 2015 New Apple Annual Book Awards

Destiny"I was delighted that my young adult novel Destiny was recently chosen by New Apple as an Official Selection. It was an absolute honour to have it highlighted amongst a tough competition of many talented authors. As promised, New Apple featured the winners extensively on Twitter and still continue to promote it several months after the initial announcement." - Jennifer Gibson, author of "Destiny", Official Selection of "Young Adult" 2015 Summer E-Book Awards

Murder in County Tyrone"My experience with New Apple has been very positive. The achievement award, however, has *definitely* helped sales. Once I received the digital logos and the publicity started in earnest, I saw a steady increase in sales.  March was the best sales month I had until April came along and was even better!  The award definitely adds a measure of credibility and gives my book a differentiating factor." - Padriag O'Hannon, author of "Murder in County Tyrone", Medalist Winner of "Mystery" 2015 New Apple Annual Book Awards

Fractured Not Broken"New Apple Awards offered us an opportunity to enter and tell our story to thousands of readers who might not have noticed the book. Since we won the Spirit and Inspirational Award with New Apple Literary Awards, we’ve been able to place the award seal on the book, which has given us credibility in the eyes of many readers." - Michelle Weidenbenner, co-author of "Fractured Not Broken", Medalist Winner of "Inspirational" and "Spirit Award" Winner of 2015 New Apple Annual Book Awards

Fallen Men"Everything about the awards is professional and impressive." - Brian O'Hare, author of "Fallen Men", Medalist Winner of "General Fiction" 2015 New Apple Summer E-Book Awards

"We are forever grateful to New Apple Awards for helping to bring attention and recognition to Surviving Cancer: Our Voices & Choices. The New Apple Award has definitely helped bring awareness to our publication, and continues to assist us in helping others.
Surviving CancerWhen Surviving Cancer: Our Voices & Choices received Its first medal for Best Specialty Book from New Apple Awards we were thrilled. Our cancer book, contains articles by 70 contributors including cancer related professionals:  Doctors, oncologists, other healthcare providers, cancer organization leaders and additionally survivors.   The book took five years to compile. The images, which were photographs of radiation cradles reformed into sculptures, have been shown in a number of galleries.  The intention for making these pieces available for public viewing was to encourage early detection:  The sculptures alone had taken three years to create.
Currently, all of these years of work are being recognized by medals that indicate the quality of the content:  After receiving the prestigious New Apple Award we were also awarded the IPPY Gold in Health and Fitness and the Presidential Gold, also in Health and Fitness, from FAPA.  Since our book was published, we have received wonderful reviews from The Library Journal, Huffington Post, Cure Magazine and Midwest Book Review.  Additionally, Publishers Weekly selected our compilation as the best Indie Health book published in 2014.
However, it was the New Apple Award that first made others curious about what would be found in between our covers. Thank you to New Apple Awards for being the first to recognize the relevance and quality of Surviving Cancer: Our Voices & Choices." - Marion R. Behr, author of "Surviving Cancer: Our Voices & Choices", Medalist Winner of "Specialty Books" 2014 New Apple Annual Book Awards

The Vanishing Wife"My experience with New Apple has been extremely positive. The contest was run efficiently and the cost to enter is very competitive with other contests. The medallion for winning is eye catching and the year-long promotion is invaluable for driving traffic to your site." - Barry Finlay, author of "The Vanishing Wife", Medalist Winner of "E-Book Mystery / Thriller" 2014 New Apple Annual Book Awards

A House Without Windows"I would just like to say that winning a New Apple Book Award in 2014 for my novel A House Without Windows has undoubtedly helped with rankings and sales.  To be able to add the medal to my book cover has definitely helped it remain my best seller.  Thank you New Apple for the promotional tweets, and the chance to get my work noticed by readers." - Steve Turner, author of "A House Without Windows", Medalist Winner of "Suspense / Thriller" 2014 New Apple Annual Book Awards

Matched in Heaven"As a first time book author, I was thrilled to receive the award in the humor category for my novel. Matched in Heaven.  It has provided me with a boost in both visibility and credibility as an author.  Thanks to New Apple and the validation that I'm funny!" - Angela Page, author of "Matched in Heaven", Medalist Winner of "Humor" 2015 New Apple Annual Book Awards

Baby Girl Box Set"As an independent author New Apple helped my book gain more notice and I loved that it wasn't me doing all the promoting. It really helps to be promoted bu others and recognition by others. I thought the awards ran smoothly. And was more than pleased with the surprise press release." - Elle Klass, author of "Baby Girl Box Set", Official Selection of "Young Adult" 2015 New Apple Summer E-Book Awards


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