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from Marie White
Author of 'Strength for Parents of Missing Children'

Strength for Parents of Missing ChildrenPeople often ask me if writing Strength for Parents of Missing Children was therapeutic. I always tell them, “No. It was horrible to sit in front of the computer and make myself go back to the first few days after our toddler was abducted.” But it was necessary in order to walk the next family through it.

What started as a guidebook for families like ours has taken on a life of its own. The Audible narrator contacted me while she was recording the audiobook. (Shared with permission.)

Hi Marie, I Had to stop and send you a message. The emotions you write about, validate mine. It's been 11 years of both my children actively using heroin. Both have been in and out of jail, in the news in the newspapers, overdosed more times that I care to share. The shame was indescribable. Out of their issues, I have changed. I started a prison ministry at my church. We have helped my child’s jail cell partner to have hope, she has earned 4 degrees to help her start a new life. You are also correct that going back to church is the best thing. So many have walked up to me to say they are praying, also to tell me how my standing tall and strong impresses them. Who knew? Me strong? Like you, in the mirror all I saw was pain. The devil whispered many times that this happened because I deserved it. God has other plans for me. I will make you proud.

As a veteran of the United States Air Force I have been contacting Air Force bases daily and they are adding the book to their libraries. I have also started contacting library systems and they are purchasing it for their branches.

It’s my goal is to have a copy of this book in every prison and to do a worldwide book tour. Each day a parent takes their own life due to the pain of having a missing child. Due to winning the New Apple Literary Award, more people know that this book of hope exists.

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Author's Twitter: @MarieWritesBook
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