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The Indie Publishing Experience

by Michael Lynes
Author of 'The Fat Man Gets Out of Bed' and 'There Is A Reaper'

The Fat Man Gets Out of BedThe jury is no longer out on the impact of Indie Publishing. The verdict has been read and it’s all over but the shouting.

The ubiquity of the World Wide Web, a.k.a. the Internet, (or as the kidz would say…‘da nets’), has touched every aspect of modern western society. Note that I intentionally did not say the world. Despite the massive every-day-all-day presence of the web in First World countries, there remains a huge unserved population in the real world. All that said, from the point of view of our ‘world’, the web has left nothing unscathed. Every industry, from TV, film and print to accounting, billing and banking, not to mention telephony and mail, has been transformed. In fact, any business that requires communication or moves money or goods has been changed, almost beyond recognition, by the Internet. Cultural inertia alone limits the spread of this ravenous beast. Each day its reach grows longer.

There Is a ReaperLong, long ago, in that bygone ‘pre-technological’ era that we used to call the late nineteen eighties, becoming an Author and Publishing A Book were events worthy of capital letters. If you and your stack of white-out spattered scribbling could pass by the myopic ogres guarding the impregnable battlements of Big Print Media then you were somebody! People would speak your name in hushed tones. “Ol’ so and so just published a book!” they would say, eyes wide with wonder. You could wear that smoking jacket, the one with the leather patches on the elbows, and sport that plaid bow tie, and everyone in your little circle of friends would refer to you as the Author that they knew. Woohoo! Good times…

Then the Internet happened.

Now, things are different. Aspiring authors, in fact anyone with a computer and an idea that they want to share with the world, can no longer be forced to jump through the ever-smaller hoops of the publishing cartel.

Not anymore.

Today, the Iron Throne of Hatchett is broken, the castle walls of Simon, Prince of Shuster-shire have been breached and the unscalable Ivory Tower of Dame Collins, the Duchess of Harper is laid low. All of these former Powers are fighting for their corporate lives. They are being overrun by unwashed Amazonian hordes, hurling well-written fairly-priced indie-published missals up against their crenelated fortifications. The Indie-cendiary tide is rising and with it the forces of freedom and entrepreneurial enterprise. They seek the ultimate defeat of all oppressive central powers. Engulfed within this seismic wave of creative force, what can one say but, “Watch out world…here we come!”

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'The Fat Man Gets Out of Bed: Collected Shorter Stories' Available for purchase:

'There Is a Reaper: Losing a Child to Cancer' Available for purchase:


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