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The 2017 New Apple Self-Published Summer E-Book Awards

2017 E-Book Awards ENTRY FORM

Step 1) Click here to download the printable Online Entry Form

Step 2) Fill out entry form, choosing up to 5 categories for your submission.

Step 3) Figure total cost due. Payments received up to April 30, 2017 are $25 for first category plus $10 for each additional Category. Payments received after April 30, 2017 are $35 for first category plus $15 for each additional category.

Step 4) Pay for your entry online with your credit card using the secure payment link below or mail your payment (check or money order) with your entry.

Step 5) Send your E-Book for entry submission.
E-Book entries must be submitted in pdf or doc format and emailed to
Each email entry must include a scanned copy of the entry form and either check number (if mailing payment) or proof of online transaction.
All payments must be in USD and be postmarked no later than June 30, 2017.

Step 6) Wait patiently. Official Selections and Winners will be notified by August 15, 2017.

Online Entry Payment

Title of Book

New Apple Awards for Excellence in Independent Publishing

The Improbable Wonders of Moojie Litleman

The Improbable Wonders of Moojie Littleman
by Robin Gregory
available at Amazon!

Winner of New Apple's 2016 BEST NEW FICTION
Through friendship with otherworldly beings, a disabled boy discovers healing powers his kinfolk refuse to recognize.

'When Angles Fly' by S. Jackson & A. Raymond

When Angels Fly
by S. Jackson & A. Raymond
available at Amazon

A beautiful story of survival fraught with tragedy that will hold your soul; sometimes love just isn't enough to hold on - a touching story!

Lost in Infinity Deja Vu Redux

Lost in Infinity: deja vu redux
by Travis Besecker
available at Amazon

This story is intended for a very specific audience... Contained within is a mystery raveled across time, hidden behind the narrator's shattered psyche. Is it a schizophrenic cry for help or something much more sinister.
"a wonderful avant-garde achievement"

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